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Bringing You OM for the Holidays!

7-days of yoga, giggles & reindeer game changers!

Online practices and love notes crafted by
Suzy Nece & Shelley Williams


It's not about standing on your head
It’s about standing together


Get Woke Yoga
is a…
call to ACTION.

It is a modern day sutra,
a unifying thread that holds us together.

Get Woke Yoga asks you to
wake up EVERY MOMENT of your


and start LIVING it!

What is the meaning of the word “Yoga?”

Yoga means to YOKE, to join, to unite, to come together in harmony.
To harmonize what?
All the layers that make up YOU!

All of the fragmentation and threads of your mind, body, spirit.

No joke, because it does rhyme, so we gotta YOKE to be WOKE, folks!

Awaken to every moment

This ENGAGED state of awareness starts internally and expands outward from the microcosm to the macrocosm. What we do internally affects the world around us externally!



we invite you to “get woke”

We offer simple practices based in breath, meditation, and movement to INVITE your awakening.

We hope to see you locally in our beautiful, ocean-view sanctuary that is YOGA LOFT, Manhattan Beach.

No matter where you are, we can now connect via online offerings, periodic community-building events, and fantastic retreat rendezvous in EPIC locations around the globe.

Please check out our YouTube channel for current, free practices to help you Get Woke!